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  • Start Date22.05.2019
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Case Study

Preserving a Termite-Infested Office Space


An office manager reached out to ServicePik with a pressing issue: termite infestation in their commercial property. The presence of termites posed a severe threat to the office's structural integrity and valuable documents.


ServicePik's commercial termite experts conducted a comprehensive assessment of the infestation's extent. We devised a tailored treatment plan that included targeted extermination, installation of protective barriers, and ongoing monitoring to ensure complete eradication while minimizing disruption to the business.


Thanks to our effective termite control measures, the office space was free from termites within a few months. The office manager no longer worried about structural damage or damage to important documents. This restoration allowed the business to thrive in a safe and pest-free environment, ensuring uninterrupted productivity and safeguarding their valuable assets.

ServicePik’s commercial termite services not only protected the office space but also safeguarded the business’s continuity and assets.