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Case Study

Restoring Cool Comfort through AC Cleaning


A homeowner in a sweltering summer contacted ServicePik, complaining about inefficient cooling and unpleasant odors from their AC unit. The lack of regular maintenance had taken a toll on the system's performance.


ServicePik's AC cleaning experts performed a thorough inspection of the unit. We executed a comprehensive cleaning process, which involved removing debris, cleaning coils, replacing filters, and disinfecting the system. The aim was to improve airflow, energy efficiency, and indoor air quality.


Following the AC cleaning, the homeowner experienced a dramatic improvement in the cooling efficiency of their system. The unpleasant odors disappeared, and the indoor air quality significantly improved. Not only did this lead to increased comfort, but it also resulted in lower energy bills, making the homeowner’s investment in AC maintenance worthwhile.

ServicePik’s AC cleaning services transformed a struggling AC unit into an efficient and odor-free cooling system, providing the homeowner with enhanced comfort and cost savings.