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House Painting Service in Delhi NCR

Walls speak a language of their own and make your home look alive. Owning a house in Delhi demands to have the most attractive wall painting. As the number of people keeps swelling in Delhi, so as the need to get a house on rent or to buy. Be it a new or an old home that needs renovation – home painting in Delhi can make a significant difference to it. There is a wide range of house painting techniques available that homeowners can opt for depending on their needs. 3D wall painting, wall art painting, textured painting, whitewash, colour wash, tape, sponging, rag rolling, metallic blocks, wall stenciling, etc. are few of the popular home painting methods among them. For all your home and workplace painting requirements, ServicePik is the right destination with the right professionals!

What should you look for while hiring Home Painting Services in Delhi NCR:

  • What is the price difference for painting service as compared to the market?
  • What kind of home painting service do they offer?
  • What are the accepted modes of payment?
  • How long does it take to get the painting job get done?
  • How soon the wall painting service experts revert to a service request?
  • How can you book the home painting services online?
  • Do they bring their own tools and paints or you need to provide them?
  • Whether they offer eco-friendly or chemical paints?
  • How long should you stay away from home or keep it locked after the job?

How does the process work?

  1. Pick what home painting service you need
    We offer house painting services in Delhi NCR. Share the type of property, area to be covered.

  2. Schedule your service
    Our professionals work from 9 AM to 9 PM throughout the week. Decide a time and let them reach your place to start working.

  3. Ease of service
    A ServicePik expert contacts you as soon as you book a painting service from ServicePik to further discuss the work with you.

Why ServicePik Home Painting?

Easy Mode of Payment

We receive cashless payments once the service is done through online wallets such as Paytm, PhonePay, or internet banking. There are no hidden costs or extra charges attached to it.


Our experts can even serve you the same day depending on the urgency of the requirement. We cover both residential and commercial spaces in Delhi NCR. Industry-approved chemical and eco-friendly paints are used to paint your home and office.

Customer Satisfaction

We are one of the most appreciated House Painting Service providers in Delhi NCR. With a loyal customer base, we are growing every passing day. We offer warranty for home painting service.

Convenience of Use

We are available for booking online or by call @8448446679. You can book your service one day ahead and can up to 30 days in advance. Affordable prices without any compromise on the quality -for making the job more effective.


Our Home Painting Service experts in Delhi NCR have ample experience to offer the best painting solutions for your space. Professionally trained service experts understand your wall painting needs – to deliver a lively and motivating place.

Customer Support

We have a dedicated customer support team that is at your service, 7 days a week from 9 AM to 9 PM.

Frequently Asked Questions

Advanced technology in the painting made it easier to paint at a normal atmospheric temperature. But the atmosphere shouldn’t be too humid or moist as it can affect the quality of the painting work. External wall painting can ideally be done when it doesn’t rain, snow, or too damp so that the paint dries properly.

One wall painted with a different shade is called a featured wall which usually showcases different wall décor pieces or acts as your wall of fame. Choose the wall which gets maximum attention right when you enter the room to be the feature wall and paint it with a contrasting and attractive colour.

Sponge painting the walls with more than one colours can hide the flaws on your walls. Make sure to pick contrasting colours so that the imperfections on the wall get clearly masked to bring a beautiful view.

The rule of thumb is always to paint the ceiling first, and then the walls and trims at the very end of the home painting job. This way spills from the ceiling won’t spoil the wall paint nor the trims.

Most wallpapers can be easily peeled off. In case the wallpaper can’t be removed easily using a shaver after applying a stripper solution to loosen the adhesive applied on the wall to fix the wallpaper. But, for people who are worried about their walls getting spoiled, approach a home painting service provider like ServicePik, to help you remove it and apply a fresh one on your wall.

The light reflectiveness of painted or varnished surfaces is known as sheen. Sheens vary from no sheen to a high gloss. Depending on the reflective degrees, they are generally categorized as:

• Flat finish • Satin finish • Eggshell finish • Semi-gloss finish • High-gloss finish

Yes, you can. But, we recommend keeping an eye on the house, as they might need suggestions regarding your colour preferences. They will be busy painting the house and might not keep a tab of if any outsider enters your house as they don’t know everyone in your family or your visitors.

It would be great to inform our office regarding the same when you discuss the same with the painting contractor. If its any changes being done or some additional work, informing the office would streamline the process for you.

Allow the paint to dry properly before touching it. In case it’s the doors or railings that have a fresh coat of paint along with your walls, let them dry for 2 to 3 hours and then cover with wax paper to prevent the paint from getting stuck with each other.

Latex or Acrylic paints dry faster than oil-based paints. Oil-based paints take overnight to dry whereas latex paints get dried in a couple of hours. Likewise, flat paint dries sooner than the semi-gloss ones. Always make sure to get the base paint dried before applying a second or topcoat.

Our team keeps a close watch on the weather. In case of sudden rain during the job getting done, we pause the work and wait for the rain to stop. When it dries properly then we resume the home painting work.

Once the work gets done, you can pay us right away.

Nowadays paints come with modern technology to dry up faster and are moisture-proof. While choosing colours, latex paint is a better option for bathrooms. Go for washable water-based paints so that you can wash off any dirt over them with a light scrub without spoiling the paint.

Harmful particles in your home air can stick to your walls and keep circulating indoors. With a fresh coat of paint on the walls, they will get away from the walls and you will inhale fresh air.

There is no problem sleeping in a room that got painted earlier during the day. But, the moment you start feeling dizzy or the odour of the paint overwhelms you get out of the room and sleep in a well-ventilated space in the house. Keep the windows and doors open to let the odour go off.

We have verified professionals who work for us. They are trained to carry out the job at their best. We understand your concern and hence recruit reliable people for wall painting and let you avail the best ones while you search for “the best painters near me”. They are associated with us for long and have a steady track record of delivering quality painting services across Delhi NCR.

We believe quality is what we look for when buying any service. For quality painting work to be done, we insist on using the best brands for all our projects so that our customers are happy. Our goal is to create customer relationships that last longer than earning quick bucks, so quality work is paramount for us.

Yes. We absolutely love it, when you have your paint as there is no confusion in picking the right shade for you. It saves time and the costs come down as we will charge only for the painting job to get done.

Get in touch with us and we will arrange for the earliest slot available for you with the painting technician.

There are a variety of application methods, depending on the type of colour and texture requested by the customer. We do brush painting to airless spray paint for your walls. If you need textures or 3D wall paints then there are separate methods to execute the project with a variety of methods and tools by our expert painters in Delhi NCR.

It varies on the contractor available in your area. But we ensure the quality of the service will be matchless.

Anyone can paint the walls, but for the professional finish of the wall painting, you should always look for a professional painting service provider. They are pros to execute high-quality work in less time and toil.

Both colours have their own pros and flaws. If you want your space to look larger choose lighter shades and if you want it to look smaller then use darker colours to paint your walls. Light shades are good for hotter places but dark shades retain heat in cooler days.

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