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Carpenter Service

If you think finding a carpenter near me is a tough task, then there is good news for you. Starting from wooden furniture to a variety of woodwork a carpenter or handyman can be easily hired from trusted online service providers like ServicePik. We ensure that trained, experienced and rightly skilled professionals are there to assist in executing your woodwork designs without fail. Our carpenters are available throughout Delhi NCR and can visit your home to turn your designs into elegant and effective pieces of furniture. For elegantly decorating your home try ServicePik carpenter near you without much hassle.

What should you look for while hiring Carpenters in Delhi?

For hiring a carpenter near you, there must be some prerequisites that need to be maintained. Unless you have a reliable carpenter at your doorstep to craft custom furniture for you – it’s pointless to pay a hefty amount. The right handyman will customize woodwork pieces without burning a hole in your pocket.

Here are the most essential points to remember:
  • Does the carpenter take visiting charges?
  • Does the carpenter cover your area?
  • Does he work alone or has a team to assist him?
  • Does the carpenter use traditional tools or modern ones?
  • Do you need to pay the carpenter any extra cost for tools and materials?
  • Does the carpenter bring his own tools and machinery or you have to provide?
  • What is their fee structure?
  • Do they undertake new projects or do repairing work only?
  • How long will the carpenter take to finish the work?
  • What kind of wooden work services they offer?
  • Is it safe to stay right after the wooden work is done or any chemicals used may be harmful to kids, elderly or pets?
  • Do they undertake both residential and commercial projects?
  • What kind of wood/timber do they use for your work?

How does the process work?

  1. Pick your wood work project

    Select the type of woodwork you want to get done – repair, installation, or custom make wooden furniture or fixtures (doors and windows, railings, cupboards, etc.).

  2. What type of Carpenter service do you need?

    Mention what kind of carpentry service you want. We deal with all types of wooden work including repairing or fixing wooden fixtures and furniture, as well as making new furniture or door and windows, etc.

  3. Select your preferred time-slot

    Our professionals work from 9 AM to 9 PM throughout the week. So, share the most convenient time-slot that suits you.

  4. Ease of service

    A ServicePik carpenter will approach you as soon as you book the service for further discussions. Once it’s finalized the woodwork expert visits your place to get your project started.

Why should you book a carpenter online in Delhi?

Carpentry work can’t be done like a DIY project if you are expecting professional level results. You got to hire a trusted carpenter or handyman to get the woodwork done at its best. Your local carpenter might not have the right skills to achieve your desired result, it's better to approach one online provider so that you can sit peacefully while they undertake the project. Whether you are in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, or Ghaziabad – these are the key points that push you to hire carpenters online:

  • Saves your time and efforts
  • There is no extra burden of sourcing the material or storage
  • Affordable price in comparison to the market rates
  • No mess after the woodwork is done
  • You don’t need to pay for machinery or equipment
  • Quick response time
  • Quality and assured services

Frequently Asked Questions

A carpenter or handyman near you can craft or repair, install wooden structures and fixtures. Furniture, cabinets, door and windows, ramps, railings, etc. can be crafted by woodworking professionals. From residential spaces to commercial structures – carpenters can carry out a wide range of wooden work depending on their skills and expertise.

You can select the type of wood, design, and fixtures to be installed and let the carpenter pick them to carry out the project. In case you already bought the fixtures then the carpenter can install them as per your instruction.

The cost of a certain project depends on the scope of work, type of wood and material, accessibility to the worksite, complexity of the design, accessories required for making the furniture or structure, etc. Our carpenter will visit you to take note of your requirements and then quote the price.

For the ease of our customers and carpenters, we have made sure to transact online. Online banking and Paytm are the most convenient modes of payment for our customers across Delhi NCR.

Yes. You can list the number of jobs you want to get done by the woodworking professional and save a considerable amount of cost in the process. The carpenter can use the timber wisely to meet your project needs and it would save costs in a great way.

Yes. When you provide the reference designs, dimensions, and specific requirements the woodworking personnel will clearly understand the project needs. It will help them produce the best result for you. But, the carpenter takes an onsite assessment to determine what best can be done with the project before they proceed with the work as the chances of any measurement related error will be ruled out.

Yes. Our carpenters have catalogues containing pictures of designs of their earlier projects. During the initial inspection, the carpenter will share the pictures and note down your needs to suggest the best fit for your space and interior.

We don’t have any branches and are based out of Pitampura, New Delhi. But our carpenters are available across Delhi NCR offering the best services to our customers on demand. Gurgaon, Delhi, Ghaziabad, Noida, etc. are the areas we cover broadly. You can call us @8448446679 and book your carpenter now!

There is no initial deposit to start the woodwork at your place. Once the carpenter completes the work you are liable to pay the amount incurred during the process for workmanship and materials used.

As such, there is no warranty on the furniture made – because the durability of the furniture depends on the type of timber chosen by the customer. Better quality timber would result in stronger and sturdier furniture whereas low-quality timber will be cheap and have a short life span. Yes. But if there is any manufacturing defect our carpenters can fix that without any hassle. Please make sure that the damage is not self-initiated due to – negligence, wear & tear, abuse, or accidents involving scuffs, cuts, burns, tears, watermarks, pet damage or indentations.

It depends on the type of work you request for including the materials required. During the initial visit, our carpenter will discuss the costs and suggest to you where you can compromise to lower the budget. We stick to the cost you have fixed from the beginning of the project and might charge you extra if additional work is done during the process.

There is a number of factors that decide which wood is suitable for your project. If you are looking for furniture with dark hues then rosewood is a good option that includes seesham and teak wood – which are pretty expensive. On the contrary, for lighter looking furniture you can opt for softwood timber or plywood. Our carpenter will better suggest you the perfect timber for your woodwork.

It depends on what kind of furniture you have at home. As the kind of wood and workmanship might not always allow room for the safe alteration of the item. Our carpenters can suggest to you only after a physical inspection of the piece of furniture about what can be done and what can’t be.

Our carpenters will work with you and create design drawings of the final product depicting your ideas in it. You can alternatively go through their catalogue and pick any item that meets your requirements so that they can craft it for you in the best possible way.

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